Hello beautiful people,
I’ll start with my favorite and most simplest.


All you need is a straightner, a hair clip and a hairbrush.
Start by clipping a small section of your hair so it looks like so


Now straighten the other 2 sections of hair.Run the straightener 2-3 times until you see the tips of your hair are straight.
Proceed to remove the clip and straighten that section of hair too. 
Voila,your hair is from frizzy freakish to freaking fabulous in just five minutes!


Quick tip: This is better done after blow drying your hair after washing it because it stays longer.


A hair puff is another simple fix. Something I save for bad hair days. 
What you need is just a hair clip and hair brush. A good hair spray would be advised if you want your puff to stay up for a longer time.
Start by pulling a section of your hair in the front and then twist the hair where you want to clip it down at the back of your head. This makes it easier to clip it down. The clip cannot hold down a very thick section of hair.
You’re done! AND it looks beautiful too!

IMG_20140619_122738 PicsArt_1405363767774

You can even make a ponytail with the remaining bunch of hair at the back if you’re up for it!


These are probably the fastest and simplest.
The things you need are a comb and a hair tie.
Split your hair into three sections and start braiding them,overlapping each Section on top of the middle section.
And there you have a it, a simple and pretty plait in a minute.



For a festival
OK let’s be honest. Whenever we have festivals we have to put so much time into dressing up that we barely give priority to our hairstyle. That’s where braids save the day.

OK all that you need to do is take two really thin sections from the right and left side of your hair.
Braid those sections and tie them with really small rubber bands. 
And voila, your braids are set!



These are my saviors when it comes to quick hairstyling. Hope they help!



Hey everyone!

Ever heard of a place which experiences all 4 seasons, of a place laden with scenic beauty, mighty mountains, gushing rivers and as if that wasn’t enough, beautiful kind people too?

Welcome to Kashmir.

Ever since I was a little kid I was super stoked when it was vacation time and I was told we’d be making a trip there. Quite a long journey to get there from Bangalore, but totally worth it. I’d arrive there and then it would be a one hour drive from Srinagar to Baramulla.

IMG-20140427-WA0008 IMG-20140424-WA0010


Baramulla is a small town completely cut off from social media as we know it. Nobody requires an alarm because there are rooster calls just as the first few rays of the morning sun touchdown! Everyone there lives in a “makaan” which in simple terms is a bungalow. The house has two levels and the 1st level is sort of a huge wooden cabin.
So the most beautiful part of my stay there is definitely waking up to see mountain ranges in the distance. To hear birds chirping. To see ducks wading in the water pump in the vicinity. To eat fresh bread out of the nearby bakery and have tea prepared with fresh cows milk.
Ofcourse everytime I visit I do make it a point to go to Gulmarg and Pahalgam. To look at snow capped peaks from the cable car is one unforgettable experience. Playing with snow is so much fun!! Then heating up your cold hands with a hot cup of coffee! It’s an amalgam of these small things that make big beautiful memories. This is the place where the infamous shooting of the song “Hum Tum” from the movie Bobby took place.



Pahalgam is a hilly area with a huge river flowing through it. A very scenic place again. I love dipping my feet in the ice cold water. Here you can see stretches of grass and sheperds grazing their sheep.

Another one of my favourite spots is the Chandanvaadi Glacier. It’s a ginormous glacier where you can ski, sledge or just scale it. Sledging here is a must, I did it with my 6 year old sister and while she laughed when we were descending I screamed like my life depended on it. Still fun though.


I’d be insane to forget Betaab Valley! Two words. Waterfalls and Flowers! This is where most of the movie “Betaab” was shot. It has a very pretty bridge with a river flowing under it.


The gem of Kashmir is the Dal Lake. I, personally have swam in the lake tons of times and even took rides in the shikaaras and rowed the shikaaras. One of my family friends lives in a houseboat so I was lucky enough to stay in one too!
There are way too many places to write about and I could go on and on. Also if you love meat then you must definitely try the local cusisine called “waazwaan”. Or savour the “kavaah” tea.
Do make sure to add this place on your bucketlist!


But first, let me take a selfie!




So since I’m a major foodie and I solemnly swear I am a glutton, first comes the favourite food item!



Though I had eaten these before, I got fatally addicted to these during the hostel week where I probably had 20. In a day. ( Teehee jk I actually had many many more….)




Besides the fact that it leaves my face glowing, I love how refreshed and soft my face feels after an application!


download (1)

Has a long lasting effect and has more applications over other kohls. Best for smokey eye effects.



download (2)

What can I say, I use a lot of Himalaya Products!
I love the moisturizing it does and also the scent!


I’ve been using this since years and I love how glossy it is! Also it smells like cherries and who doesn’t love cherries!

Summertime means stocking up on the lotion time!


download (3)

NIVEA , hands down has the best range of lotions. This one worked wonders for the summer because I have dry skin and it kept it moisturised all day. It has a sea salt sort of fragrance.
Quick tip: Lotions work best when applied right after a shower, so make sure to dab on a lot!

Moving on to my favorite makeup, I definitely don’t abstain from applying makeup in the summer, because makeup adds a protective layer to your face when you go out to soak in the sun!




Now for those of you who want a rosy tint on their cheeks but don’t want to go all out. This is perfection! It’s a very subtle blush!


Contrary to common opinions Mascara does not make your eyelashes look freaky! Mascara helps add a pop to your eyelashes. Though I personally never used a lot of Mascara, I did notice a huge change when I started using it often. It helps your eyes, well, POP!



This particular Mascara is used world over and as the name suggests adds volume to your lashes! Doesn’t smudge and is long lasting! I also love the brush! It eases Mascara Application!
Quick Tip: When applying Mascara start first apply to the top lash in a downward direction, then an upward direction and then to the tip of the lash. Then apply one tiny coat to the lower lash.






Well I was hunting for an Olaf Soft toy but I couldn’t get my hands on one. But then one day I saw Po in IKEA!!! Ofcourse I took it home! It’s my snuggle budy ever since.


Lets move onto the next in line.


So like all beautiful actresses say in advertisments and I quote ” I was afraid to color my hair”. This is where Hair Chalk came in. I love Avril Lavigne and I went gaga when I saw her hair streaked green and pink in videos. It looked so hot. So ofcourse I wouldn’t rest until I did the same to my hair. This is where Hair Chalk came in. You just apply the chalk on a piece of wet hair and straighten it. You can wash out the color whenever you please! I got mine off

Nope, my thirst can’t contain itself till I write this article.


images (1)

There hasn’t been a single day I didn’t guzzle these down. I have a major sweet tooth so this is pure mango indulgence for it. I don’t like Frooti Arabia so well this works as a substitute for Maaza here.


Warning. If you have plans to sleep without chills up your spine DO NOT READ THIS AFTER MIDNIGHT. I love fiction and Dracula is one of the smoothest characters ever created. Way to go Bram, you are the cause of sleepless nights.
2. 21 Things Every Girl Should Know, Sneha Mehta

download (4)
I randomly stumbled upon this book on my Crossword Bookstore visit in the Chatrapati Shivaji Airport. Not a bad read at all. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t stop till about 70 pages. It taught me a lot about how wrong we girls can be sometime and was OH, SO RELATABLE!


1. Me and My Broken Heart, Rixton

Raped the replay button.
2.Problem, Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Iglezia

No, I don’t listen to Ariana Grande’s music much, but this song is so darn catchy!



I am the sort of person who has a terrible posture so I have a lot of cushions on my bed to adjust my back and neck comfortably when I sit. The best stop for these is IKEA!

So these are my views on stuff I’ve been loving recently. Do comment below and let me know yours too! Cheers!

How to Start Living Out Loud!!!


 There is no recipe for happiness. Everyone has their own sources. However I know that the peace of mind you get after you dispel all fears and worries and live every day like it’s your last!

So surprisingly I feel I started living my life to the absolute fullest last year. I got rid of a lot of negativity and started focusing on myself.

I started meeting new people and made a whole bunch of awesome new friends who are super special and unique!


 Fashion Diva? Awwwwww yeah!

I took up my passion for fashion more seriously and started uploading some ideas on Beautylish!

You need to give a little kickstart to your dreams and you will see them take flight like you never imagined.



I started going out with my friends more often! The joy!


Lose your every fear.Now!
I did two things I greatly feared!
1) Public Speaking!!
I thought I would never ever dare to do either ever in my life because my throat goes dry when I need to speak in public and I have two left feet!
But I did it!




The best thing that could have happened to me last year. I randomly sat for the editorial board selections and sincerely wrote about the topic provided and I got a phone call one day by the President saying I made it!
Since then I have been writing reports for college events, the college website and the magazine! My fashion article was in print! It was a beautiful feeling!
Do give things a shot sometimes. You never know how talented you really are!


So to summarize everything I said, believe in yourself, don’t be afraid to try something new and do the things that give you a feeling of self accomplishment!

10 Things to Keep In Mind When The Going Gets Tough


So we all come to a point in our lives when we feel like things couldn’t possibly get worse!
Here are 10 ways to Sail through tough times!
1) Come to the terms with the fact that you weren’t born with the responsibility to impress anyone. You are here in this world to live YOUR life. You can’t impress everyone. You will be judged through out your life. Deal with it.

2) Don’t over think something even if it’s bothering you a lot. Just take a deep breath in and distract yourself. Keep telling yourself to let it go.

3)You are your own best judge. If you know you did the right thing then your conscience will be clear. However if the guilt of something is weighing you down,sort it out ASAP.

4) We don’t always have all the solutions. Share your feelings with a trusted friend and you’ll surely feel lightheaded.

5) Never run away from what you love.
Sometimes when we are in the pits of depression we shut out everyone and everything we did when we were happy. Don’t. Not cool. Our friends and family are always there to support us.

6) Discipline yourself. When bad times roll we tend to get lazy and not care about our lifestyle. It’s just going to make things worse.

7) Distract yourself as much as you can. Start watching a TV series,Eat good food, Go to the gym etc.

8) Find a good way to release stress. For me, writing is a channel to let out my emotions. Find yours!

9) Set short goals for yourself. You will feel a sense of accomplishment when you achieve them and this can be fulfilling.

10) Most importantly, Live Out Loud! Life is too short to cry over what didn’t happen right. It’s your life and you are the one making decisions and you have the power to make the best of it.

Remember, tough times don’t last, tough people do! Bad times are a test of our strength and patience. We realize our true potential and what we’re made of! This too shall pass!



Hi guys!
So summer time is here and it is time to bring out all things bright!
But sometimes we tend to choose simple outfits and that’s when necklaces come to our saviour!

A bold neckpiece can add an oomph factor to any and every outfit. They help that look go from simple to sexy.These are an absolute must because they can be sported during any occasion.The best stop for these are Forever21.


A long chain in a metallic shade or a bunch of these chains are a good buy because they can be worn with any outfit be it a jumpsuit or a little black dress. It is preferred to be worn at night but there is no hard and fast rule. Mine are from Avon Accessories India and Forever21.



Pendants are cute and add a chic touch to any outfit. These are best worn with fun T-shirts! Claires is the best place for all girly accessories. Pendant necklaces can also be DIY.  All you need are charm trinkets from old charm bracelets and a simple chain and loop it through and you have your charm necklace ready! Mine is a cute owl!



I am pretty laid back when it comes to accesorizing but I do add a necklace to My outfit when I feel it will complete my look! So do give any or all of these a try and look gorgeous this summer!


Hi guys! So summer is finally here! Time to bring out them bright sheer tops, little dresses we found cute at Splash or Max but never ended up wearing, Kaftans, etc. Here I’ll show you how to spruce em’up a notch! 264457_4939110964098_1405616411_n


I’m pretty sure everyone owns a lot of cute T-shirts with fun captions and logos. Summer is all about cotton. Cotton is a light, breathable fabric and a comfortable option! Also Summer is the time to go all out on prints! Anything from the Cheetah to Camo is uber cool!I personally am a big fan of the collection at Marks and Spencers and Forever21! Image 1800218_10201673917998242_1292239501_n


Yes it is the perfect time to bring out those short dresses! Dresses are fun to wear and easy to find as they are available In ample amounts in all major clothes outlets. They suit all body types too! Image


Summertime is the best time to sport short cotton formal dresses which come as a breath of fresh air as opposed to formal pants and pencil skirts. Formal dresses look good in shades of black and Grey. I love formalcollections by AND.     Image


Kaftans are yet another great option as they serve both comfort and style! A lot of celebrities sport kaftans during the summer months. I buy my Kaftans from Amarsons at Mumbai as I love the variation they provide! The Kaftan can be adorned in any way which is why it is so versatile! Image

Well summer has begun and the sweltering heat is here to stay. Make sure the clothing you choose Is comfortable above all else. These outfits are what my summer wardrobe usually consist of! I’d love to see any of your summer looks! Upload a picture with the hashtag ashupdatessummer if you tried out these looks and you may win a prize from forever21!